Walmart-Dedicated Warehouse Settles Federal Charges

Vindicated! Walmart-Dedicated warehouse settles federal charges for retaliation against workers who spoke up! When we fight we win!

“We think this settlement shows everything they were saying was true – workers were experiencing real health and safety issues, which Walmart previously denied, and real retaliation, which Walmart also previously denied,” Kaoosji said.

Walmart did not return calls for comment.

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Temporary Work, Lasting Harm

ProPublica continues their series, Temp Land, Working in the New Economy, by publishing a new article today on the health and safety issues in the temp industry.

“In California and Florida, two of the largest states, temps had about 50 percent greater risk of being injured on the job than non-temps. That risk was 36 percent higher in Massachusetts, 66 percent in Oregon and 72 percent in Minnesota.”

Temporary Work, Lasting Harm
by Michael Grabell, Olga Pierce and Jeff Larson

National Forum on Temp Worker Health and Safety

Please join us Saturday, November 1, in Boston, MA for the National Forum on Temp Worker Health and Safety.  The forum is the collaborative efforts of the National Staffing Workers Alliance, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH), MassCOSH, and APHA OHS Section.

If you would like to register for the event please visit WWW.COSHNETWORK.ORG/TEMPFORUM


Bill Moyers Investigation Highlights Bringing Down Barriers

As part of their on-going investigation of the temp-industry in Chicago, Moyers & Company, recently produced a segment on the Bringing Down Barriers efforts of the Chicago Workers Collaborative.   Bringing Down Barriers seeks to unite African American and Latino workers so that together they can be build a stronger workers movement and make sure the temp industry doesn’t pit them against each other which will only lead to further abuses.  As Leone Bicchieri, the CWC Executive Director, states “someones laughing all the way to the bank, and it’s not us!”


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