National Staffing Workers Alliance: A grassroots based movement for permanent work!

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Welcome to the National Staffing Workers Alliance

Would you believe us if we said only 9% of the jobs created since June 2009 are permanent jobs?  Much has been made about the end of the “great recession” and the slow economic recovery that has taken place since 2009.  While several sectors of the economy have returned to profitability we have seen persistently high unemployment and underemployment.  Most troubling is that the American Staffing Associations boasts that 91% of jobs added to the economy since the end of the great recession have been created by “temporary help services”.

Now it would be easy to say that these numbers only reflect the delicate nature of the recovery.  But the fact is that employers are replacing laid off permanent workers with temporary/staffing agency workers.  Temporary employment does not provide the economic stability required by working family and our communities.  Hiring staffing agency workers is a cheaper option for employers because not only is the pay typically less but  much of the responsibility for health and safety issues is passed on to the staffing agency.

As workers’ rights advocates we can not stand by while good paying permanent jobs are converted into unstable, poorly paid, temporary jobs.  As long time advocates who’ve worked with staffing agency workers for years the Chicago Workers Collaborative is taking the lead in calling on advocates to work together to create the National Staffing Workers Alliance.  We need your help to create a national strategy to defend good, permanent jobs, not disposable jobs.  For more information please contact Michael Muñoz, National Coordinator, at mmunoz@chicagoworkerscollaborative.org.