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50 Mile March Ends With Rally in Downtown Los Angeles

Striking warehouse workers arrived in downtown Los Angeles this morning and were welcomed by supporters on the steps of City Hall.  Striking WWU members and Our Walmart workers marched 50 miles over the past 6 days from Ontario to Los Angeles braving temperatures well over 110 degrees!  The culmination of the march brough out union legend Dolores Huerta, U.S. House Rep. Judy Chu, and Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

This is not the end of the campaign, it’s the beginning!  The subcontractors NFI & Warestaff continue to ignore the workers demands.  Click here to see how you can support the efforts of the WWU members.

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Warehouse Workers Across The Country Pay Walmart A Visit

From Los Angeles to Illinois, striking warehouse workers and their supporters visited Walmart offices today.  Walmart claims it holds its suppliers to the highest standards but these workers know better.  Walmart has continually ignored the workers demands that Walmart hold it’s suppliers accountable.  Warehouse workers in Southern California and Illinois decided to walk out on strike when employers refused to listen to their demands to end retaliation against workers who spoke out against the abuses taking place in the warehouses that supply Walmart – from unsafe work conditions, working in crippling heat to wage theft.  These workers have had enough!

It’s time to support.  Visit WWU, or WWJ for the latest actions and learn how you can support them.

Warehouse Workers United, UFCW Local 324, and NSWA visit Walmart Community Liason office in Los Angeles.

Warehouse Workers For Justice, Chicago Workers Collaborative and others visit Walmart offices in Chicago.

Warehouse Workers United, UFCW 324, Our Walmart, Orange County Labor Federation, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), and American Federation of Teachers drop by Walmarts offices in Santa Ana, Ca.

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Warehouse Workers Strike and March In SoCal and File Lawsuit in Illinois

This has been a busy week for warehouse workers across the country.  In Southern California Warehouse Workers United reported that workers decided to strike to protest retaliation & ULP’s by NFI and Warestaff.  Click here to read the full story.

In order to draw attention to their struggles warehousWe workers launched the WalMarch, a 50-mile, 6-day pilgrimage from Southern California’s Inland Empire to Downtown Los Angeles.  Workers left Ontario today (9/13/12) and will arrive in rally in downtown Los Angeles later this week holding rallies in various cities across the San Gabriel Valley.  Check the WWU website for more info (http://www.warehouseworkersunited.org/)

In Illinois Warehouse  Workers For Justice (WWJ) helped workers file a lawsuit against Roadlink Workforce Solutions for various labor violations including not paying overtime, operating under unsafe work conditions.  For the full article please click here.

Be sure to check the WWJ Facebook page for more updates.

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Crossroads Fund Highlights the work of the Chicago Workers Collaborative

When Chicago Workers’ Collaborative first received funding from Crossroads Fund in 2004, they were a small coalition of workers’s rights groups just beginning to tackle the exploitation of day laborers in Chicago. Since that time they have helped win an increase in the Illinois minimum wage, won millions of dollars in back pay and compensation for their membersh, and expanded to two new workers’ centers in the Chicago suburbs. Chicago Workers’ Collaborative has two new reports out this summer exploring the health implications of the temporary staffing industry.

Read the full article here (http://www.crossroadsfund.org/blog/cwc)