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Warehouse Workers Across The Country Pay Walmart A Visit

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From Los Angeles to Illinois, striking warehouse workers and their supporters visited Walmart offices today.  Walmart claims it holds its suppliers to the highest standards but these workers know better.  Walmart has continually ignored the workers demands that Walmart hold it’s suppliers accountable.  Warehouse workers in Southern California and Illinois decided to walk out on strike when employers refused to listen to their demands to end retaliation against workers who spoke out against the abuses taking place in the warehouses that supply Walmart – from unsafe work conditions, working in crippling heat to wage theft.  These workers have had enough!

It’s time to support.  Visit WWU, or WWJ for the latest actions and learn how you can support them.

Warehouse Workers United, UFCW Local 324, and NSWA visit Walmart Community Liason office in Los Angeles.

Warehouse Workers For Justice, Chicago Workers Collaborative and others visit Walmart offices in Chicago.

Warehouse Workers United, UFCW 324, Our Walmart, Orange County Labor Federation, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), and American Federation of Teachers drop by Walmarts offices in Santa Ana, Ca.

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