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Victory in Illinois!

In an historic victory, all striking Roadlink workers at Walmart’s Elwood warehouse have won their principal demand for an end to illegal retaliation against workers protesting poor conditions. They will return to work with their full pay while they were out on strike. Workers will return to work and continue the fight for safe working conditions, fair pay for all hours worked and an end to discrimination.

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Staffing Industry Prepares to Under-Cut Obama Care

In a blog post on the Staffing Talk website a regular contributor offered several suggestions on how to undercut any moves to provide temp/staffing workers health care under the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  His suggestions for “helping workers”?  Cut their hours and split their employment amongst several companies.


Let’s keep you’re eyes and ears open to any dirty tricks by the staffing industry!

Civil Disobedience/March Against Walmart Warehouse

Several warehouse workers and community members engaged in civil disobedience on Monday, October 1, 2012 in Elwood, IL.  Workers have been on strike for 18 days and have been met with silence from the Walmart and the warehouse that supplies Walmart products.  There was no other choice to be let them know loud and clear the workers are united and the community is standing should to shoulder with them.

Among those arrested were members of WWJ, Chicago Workers Collaborative, UE, and members of the faith community.

Pictures of the action can be found here on Buzzfeed.com.

Below, Leone Jose Bicchieri, Chicago Workers Collaborative ED & NSWA Steering Committee Member being led away by police after being arrested in the civil disobedience.

Please take a look at Warehouse Workers for Justice Facebook page for more information and photographs.  https://www.facebook.com/warehouseworkersforjustice

Click here to see the Southtown Star (Chicago Sun-Times)  for an article & video of the action.

Southern California Warehouse Workers Back on the Job

Warehouse Workers Force Walmart to Address Workers Concerns

ONTARIO, Calif. – Workers at a Southern California warehouse that moves Walmart merchandise returned to work after a 15-day strike that included a six-day, 50-mile pilgrimage for safe jobs.

By midnight Friday morning, workers from all three shifts at the 24-hour facility returned to work after winning safety improvements on the job and drawing a response from Walmart about poor working conditions in its contracted warehouses.

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