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Allies in Massachusetts Turn Up Heat on Norelco/Staffing Network

A coalition of organizations in Massachusetts delivered a letter to the Phillips Norelco headquarters in Andover, MA, letting the company know that it is not living up to its own standards for sub-contractors.  The groups include Massachusetts Jobs With Justice, American Friends Service Committee/Project Voice and the Immigrant Workers Center Collaborative, which includes Brazilian Immigrant Center(BIC), Brazilian Women’s Group (BWG), Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores (CCT), The Chelsea Collaborative (TCC), Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), Fuerza Laboral (FL), Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health Worker Center (MassCOSH), and the Metrowest Worker Center/Casa do Trabalhador (MWC).

The letter is similar to a letter that was delivered several weeks before to the Norelco factory in Roselle, IL, alerting Norelco to the abuses taking place at Staffing Network with is providing workers to the Norelco plant.  The letter, which asked for a meeting with which asks for a meeting with Philips Electronics North America CEO Gregory M. Sebasky, went unanswered so our friends in Massachusetts helped out by delivering a letter directly to corporate headquarters in Andover, MA.

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Gabriel Camacho, of AFSC/Project Voice in front of the Phillips Norelco headquarters.



Huffington Post Covers the Plight of Temp Workers

The story behind Centeno’s death underscores the burden faced by some of America’s 2.5 million temporary, or contingent, workers a growing but mostly invisible group of laborers who often toil in the least desirable, most dangerous jobs. Such workers are hurt more frequently than permanent employees and their injuries often go unrecorded, new research shows.

“The rise of the staffing industry is partially to give companies a greater distance from regulation,” said Leone José Bicchieri. “OSHA needs to come up with different approaches for this rapidly growing sector” — meeting with temp workers offsite, for example, so they’re not intimidated by supervisors.

Read the full story here.

Workers File Discrimination Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson Supplier Vee Pak Inc.

On Wednesday, December 5th, five African American workers filed a Federal Title VII Discrimination lawsuit in Chicago, IL, against Johnson & Johnson supplier Vee Pak Inc., and three staffing agencies that provide workers to Vee Pak. The lawsuit claims that Vee Pak and the three staffing agencies discriminated against Black workers – putting up barriers, making it harder to even apply for a job, barriers that were not placed in front of workers of other races.

The coalition of organizations who are supporting the workers held a press conference in Chicago to announce the lawsuit.  The coalition includes South Austin Coalition Community Council (SACCC), Coalition Against Segregation of Temporary Employees (CASTE) and three NSWA steering committee members, Chicago Workers Collaborative (CWC) and Warehouse Workers for Justice/UE, and New Labor in New Jersey.  Chicago Workers Collaborative and Bringing Down Barriers (a project of CWC), sent applicants to all three staffing agencies to document how black and Latino workers were treated differently.   The Bringing Down Barriers program is unique in that it’s goal is eradicate the barriers being placed in front of Black workers while at the same time trying to bridge the gaps between Black and Latino workers.

Following the press conference the coalition travelled to a Walmart in Austin to hold an informational leafleting.  Walmart sells Johnson & Johnson products supplied by Vee Pak, some of which are marketed directly to the African American community.

At the same time as the lawsuit was being filed in Chicago, NSWA steering committee member, New Labor, led a delegation to the Johnson & Johnson headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ.  The delegation delivered a letter from the Chicago coalition demanding that Johnson & Johnson enforce its standards for its suppliers and also asking for a face to face meeting the CEO, Alex Gorsky.

Other support actions are being planned for other cities.

Click here to read an article about the lawsuit.

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