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Salon.com Article Highlights the Dangers of the Temp/Staffing Industry

A Salon.com article lays out the high rates of injuries amongst temp workers and highlights the case of gross negligence by one employer the temp agency who placed him.  Carlos Centeno was burned over 80% of his body and was only given rubber boots and store bought gloves as protection when he was placed in a factory working with dangerous chemicals.  When he was burned the employer refused to call 911 and Mr. Centeno died of his injuries 3 weeks later.

Below is an excerpt of the article:
The executive director of the Chicago Workers’ Collaborative, which advocates for temp workers, says OSHA should target employers known to make heavy use of staffing agencies.

“The rise of the staffing industry is partially to give companies a greater distance from regulation,” said Leone José Bicchieri. “OSHA needs to come up with different approaches for this rapidly growing sector” — meeting with temp workers offsite, for example, so they’re not intimidated by supervisors.

Temp workers are often reluctant to report injuries because they are so easily replaced, Bicchieri said.

“They have no power to speak up,” he said. “The whole temp industry was created so the client company has less liability. We need to put workplace injuries back on the plate of the client company.”

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Washington Post – Staffing Agencies to Undermine Obamacare

The Washington Post reports that the staffing industry and businesses are working together to try to undermine several of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act.  From shifting some jobs to temp agencies to get under the 50 employee requirement or cutting hours to make sure people don’t hit the 35 hour trigger – the staffing industry is trying to make sure as few people as possible receive health care.

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