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Walmart Supplier and Temp Agency Held Responsible for Violating Wage & Hour Laws

Produce packer pays back wages to 1,700 temp workers

“Temporary employment agencies serve valuable and legitimate business needs to today’s economy, but employers may not use such services to escape their responsibility to pay their workers the minimum wage and overtime pay they are entitled to under the law. As demonstrated in this case, we are using all enforcement tools available to make whole the affected workers and ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.”



Permanent, full-time jobs an endangered species: OPSEU

The problems of temp/part-time/precarious work isn’t just a problem in the U.S. our Canadian sisters and brothers are fighting the same fight.  The article below highlights how Government run Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) used temp and part time workers and while the workers struggle with low wages, the LCBO rakes in huge profits (sound familiar?)

“The demolition by employers of the standard full-time permanent job is the biggest labour market story of the last generation, yet it has largely been ignored by legislators,” said OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “This website will be a rallying point for people who are concerned about part-time, temporary, unstable work and want to do something about it.”

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Amazon Warehouse Workers Sue Over Security Checkpoint Waits

Workers in Arizona won their appeal this week in a lawsuit against the temp agency Integrity Staffing and the client Company Amazon.  Workers alleged that they were owed lost wages because they are forced to wait to pass through a security checkpoint before they exit the warehouse.  Sometimes the wait can be as long as 30 minutes as hundreds of workers try to file out as the end of their shift.


This is not the first time Integrity Staffing Solutions & Amazon have made the news.  Late last year we high we brought you a story of how Integrity fought to deny workers the unemployment they were owed.