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The Permanent Temp Economy

Rebecca Smith, Deputy Director of the National Employment Law Project recently had an Op-Ed published by US News & World Report which examines the current trend towards low-paying, dangerous temp jobs.  NELP  and the National Staffing Workers Alliance recently released Temped Out: How the Domestic Outsourcing of Blue Collar Jobs Harms America’s Workers .

The Permanent Temp Economy

Staffing industry jobs need not be degraded and dangerous jobs. We can implement solutions to protect the rights of the 2.8 million staffing workers and the many millions of America’s franchised and outsourced workers. We should follow the lead of most European and Latin American countries and restrict temporary work to truly temporary jobs created by staff shortages or special projects. We should guarantee temporary workers the same wages and benefits that direct hires receive and restrict outsourcing in hazardous jobs. Lastly we should enforce existing laws and pass new measures to ensure that Costco, Walmart and other leading U.S. companies take responsibility for the people who make and move their products.

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NELP & NSWA Release New Report on the Temp Industry

The National Staffing Workers Alliance and the National Employment Law Project recently released a report examining the growth of the temp industry.  This is a comprehensive look at the industry and which sectors of the economy are increasingly reliant on temp labor.

The Rapid growth of the temp industry presents challenges for the government agencies which protect workers as well as worker organizations.  This report looks not only at the data, which shows an explosive growth of the industry, but also highlight workers and their stories of fighting back.

Staffing work is one part of a larger story about the declining middle class in our country. More and more, major corporations are separating themselves from the workers who make their products and supply their shelves by inserting labor intermediaries who are nominally the employers” of these workers.

We encourage everyone to download and disseminate the report to your friends and allies.

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NY Times Article Highlights Problems with the Growth of the Temp Industry

The NY Times writer Steven Greenhouse  published an article highlighting the rapid growth of the temp industry in the years following the end of the “great recession”.   Mr. Greenhouse shows the growth of the temp industry, especially in the industrial and logistics sectors, is now at record highs and how this has led to several problems including health and safety issues.

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