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NORPEL – Rehire the workers you fired and negotiate in good faith (Petition)


Norpel, a leading seafood processing company in New Bedford, MA, is refusing to negotiate in good faith with its employees, and has fired workers who engaged in peaceful, lawful collective action at their workplace.

Seafood processing is one of the largest industries in New Bedford, employing over 2000 workers, the majority of whom are Central American immigrants. While New Bedford is the richest fishing port in the U.S., and seafood processing is deeply embedded in the local economy, the industry is notorious for wage theft, unpaid overtime and hazardous working conditions.

Fishing for Justice/Pescando Justicia is a community-led campaign for fair and safe conditions in New Bedford’s seafood processing industry.  Our coalition includes leaders from the religious, labor, social justice and educational communities and is coordinated by the Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores.


Illinois Revokes License of Temp Agency Check Cashing Store

The State of Illinois has moved to close down a check cashing store that was working along with a temp agency and a labor broker to illegally remove fees from the checks of temp workers.

“The workers, earning minimum wage, were charged fees by the licensee well in excess of the amount permitted by law,” Francisco Menchaca, director of the Division of Financial Institutions, wrote in the Dec. 2 order.

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