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NLRB Ruling Is A Major VictoryFfor Temp Workers

The NLRB has just handed temp workers a major victory in their struggle to organize.  The Board released their decision on the Browning Ferris case on Wednesday, August 27th.  The NLRB found that the host employer, Browning Ferris, and Leadpoint Business Services (temp agency) are in fact “Joint Employers”.  Both must bargain with the Teamsters who are organizing the recycling center in question.  This decision reverses previous bad rulings by the NLRB and clears the way for workers to hold hold accountable both temp agencies and the host companies, which ultimately profit from their work.

This decision goes far beyond temp workers though and  will have an impact on any company that tries to put distance between themselves and their workers to avoid responsibility including contractors and franchise business models.


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