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The National Staffing Workers’ Alliance and the National Economic & Social Rights Initiative just release new report, Temporary Work, Permanent Abuse: How Big Business Destroys Good Jobs. Temporary Work, Permanent Abuse captures stories of U.S. blue-collar temps based on surveys and focus groups administered in four critical regions: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island. It links themes from workers’ stories with the most up-to-date research on the changing U.S. economy and pernicious problems in workplace enforcement. It illuminates the intersection of major corporate practices and public policy failures.




NLRB Sides With Workers Against LA Warehouse

The National Labor Relations Board has sided with workers and found that California Cartage has violated the workers right to organize.  Workers from Cal Cartage include both direct hires and staffing agency workers filed charges last year over violations committed by warehouse supervisors who tried to stop them from organizing with the Warehouse Workers Resource Center.

The NLRB found that on several occasions Cal Cartage supervisors including: Hermann Rosenthal (General Manager), Freddy Rivera and John Rodriguez tried to intimidate and discourage workers from fighting for their rights.

To read the full article click here: http://www.dailybreeze.com/social-affairs/20160329/national-labor-relations-board-files-complaint-against-wilmington-warehouse-operator

Workers Memorial Day Actions!

Every year, working people and their organizations observe Workers’ Memorial Day at the end of April to remember those who have gotten injured or died on the job and to renew our efforts for safe workplaces. Each year thousands of workers are killed and millions more injured or diseased because of their jobs. We need to make sure that worker health and safety rights are guaranteed to all, in all workplaces! This year, we renew our commitment to fight for safe jobs for all.

Click here to view the flyers for the Workers Memorial Day Actions taking place in New Brunswick, NJ

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Dept. of Labor Gets Serious With The Temp Industry

The Department of Labor has issued guidance regarding joint employer liability this week.  The DOL issued guidance, FAQ’s, illustrations and fact sheets in the hopes that employers and temp agencies will finally realize that they can’t escape responsibility for their workers!  For too long we’ve seen them pointing the finger at each other saying it’s the other guys fault, but no longer.  We hope this sends a clear mesage that the industry needs to clean up it’s act.

Click here to visit the DOL’s site on joint employer liability:

Our good friends at the National Employment Law Project (NELP) have issued a press release around the issue.  Please click here to read the release.


Discrimination Rampant in the Temp Industry

The Center for Investigative Journalism has found widespread discrimination against African American temp workers around the country.  We applaud this report for shining a national spotlight on a problem we have seen every day in our organizing and we hope other will take notice and help put an end to discrimination.


NLRB Ruling Is A Major VictoryFfor Temp Workers

The NLRB has just handed temp workers a major victory in their struggle to organize.  The Board released their decision on the Browning Ferris case on Wednesday, August 27th.  The NLRB found that the host employer, Browning Ferris, and Leadpoint Business Services (temp agency) are in fact “Joint Employers”.  Both must bargain with the Teamsters who are organizing the recycling center in question.  This decision reverses previous bad rulings by the NLRB and clears the way for workers to hold hold accountable both temp agencies and the host companies, which ultimately profit from their work.

This decision goes far beyond temp workers though and  will have an impact on any company that tries to put distance between themselves and their workers to avoid responsibility including contractors and franchise business models.

Toronto Dept of Labor finds 75% of companies violating Wage Laws

Apparently abusive temp agencies aren’t just an American phenomenon as our brothers and sisters to the North recently found.  Dept of Labor in Ontario Canada conducted surprise inspections of temp agencies in the Greater Toronto Area and found 75% of temp agencies inspected were committing serious wage violations.  Among the violations were nonpayment of wages, shoddy record keeping and excess hours of work.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps there is something about temp agencies that lend themselves towards abuse.  If you still doubt the problem is endemic the same Ontario Department of Labor conducted a similar inspection in 2013 and again found 75% of temp agencies were violating labor law.